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PILATES - Fast Becoming The Exercise of Choice Nationwide!

Your Instructor - Diana HookerDiana Hooker is a member of Physical Mind Institute, Teachers of The Pilates Method, whom she is matwork certified and a certified Pilates Instructor. She is also a AFFA certified Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor.
She has taught both private and group sessions at various pilates studios, schools and health clubs throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties.
Her teaching style focuses on increasing flexibility, balance, mind-body awareness and enhancing posture through movement designed to strengthen lower back and abdominal with sound body mechanics.
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What is Pilates?  Pilates is a form of exercise that is a blending of yoga, body sculpting and movement. It is based on deep breathing techniques, flowing precise movements, and mind-body synergy. This form of exercise is a functional, holistic approach to balancing all of the muscle groups within the body, thereby creating a stronger more uniform whole. The energy derived from within starts at the core of the body, specifically the abdominal, back and buttocks (the "powerhouse"), and is then disseminated outward to the extremities. This is truly where Pilates differs from more familiar forms of exercise where one would work their arms and legs, forgetting about the power that their core can generate. Pilates leave the body leaner and stronger while making it more flexible. Those who practice Pilates will look as though they have lost 10 pounds (even if they haven't), have a longer stronger spine, and will feel a sense of freedom of movement in and outside the gym as a result of their increased flexibility.

Those who benefit from Pilates - The fit, dancers, elderly, women who have had children, those with back problems, degenerative disc problems, asthma or other breathing difficulties, fibromyalsia, those who need a non-impact form of exercise, and those who want the strength without the bulk - in short, just about everyone!

Class Schedule
Monday - 7:00pm
Wednesday - 9:45am
Friday - 9:45am

To sign-up for a class, call the Greenknoll Branch at 203.775.4444


The Regional YMCA is a community service organization dedicated to building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities through the development of spirit, mind and body. We strive to serve all, regardless of financial or physical need.
We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities.

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The Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut services 19 towns in 2 states.
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