Great Hollow Wilderness School at the Regional YMCA of Western CT
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Great Hollow Wilderness School
A Center for Change

First Year Student Outdoor Orientation

An adventure-based trip can provide a great introduction to high school or college. Incoming and returning students are joined in small group experiences that challenge the individual and their groups to take risks, to discover their physical, mental, and emotional potential, and to experience the power of encouragement. Students get to know each other in an environment stripped of the comforts in our daily lives. They will be encouraged throughout the experience to reflect and draw out lessons as they apply to their lives in and out of school.

Courses range from one to seven days, are stationary or expeditionary, and can include the following activities: initiative and team building, ropes course, rock climbing, canoeing, caving, and backpacking. Although these activities are in and of themselves exciting and challenging, their value comes from the contextualization of the experience; the activities are used as the source of lessons and reflections. These activities are made accessible to everyone in a safe and supportive group of peers and leaders. The students are challenged to look inside themselves and to the rest of the group for learning moments.
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