Great Hollow Wilderness School at the Regional YMCA of Western CT
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Great Hollow Wilderness School
Wilderness Education Association
Outdoor Leadership Certification
& Skills Oriented  Courses

(please note:  Students must be at least 18 years old, except where noted)
Sample Course Offerings
Course #1
Wilderness Education Association (Stewardship certification)

10 Day Sea Kayaking Course – Everglades National Park, FL

The purpose of the Wilderness Education Association is to promote the professionalism of outdoor leadership and to thereby improve the safety and quality of outdoor trips and enhance the conservation of the wild outdoors. This course is reared to students who are interested in the field of outdoor education. On this course you will be introduced to the WEA’S 18-point curriculum for safe backcountry travel. Some of the 18-points that we will cover, will go over leadership, judgment, navigation on open water, group management, map and tide chart interpretations. This course will take us through Everglades National Park, where we will paddle through some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in the lower 48. We will be camping on beaches and keys throughout the park and in the Gulf of Mexico. * Check with your school about receiving college credit* Minimum age: 18

Course #2
Open Enrollment Sea Kayaking - Everglades National Park, FL

This course is an introduction to sea kayaking. You will learn paddling skills; map and tide chart interpretations, expedition planning, and Leave No Trace are just some of the skills you will learn. The course offers a great opportunity to learn about leadership, small group management, and personal challenge.
*Transportation is not included* Minimum age: 18

Course #3
Backpacking in the Paria Canyon Vermillion Cliff
Wilderness Area - Kanab, UTAH

This 38-mile trek will follow the Paria River from southern Utah through northern Arizona where it has carved its way through red Navajo sandstone to form one of the most beautiful and spectacular canyons in the southwest. Using the Paria River itself as our trail we will explore the history and geology of this remarkable canyon, while teaching the essentials of outdoor leadership, low impact camping/ Leave No Trace, navigation, and how to live and care for the desert environment we will be living and traveling in. We will follow the Paria River to its confluence with the Colorado River and the start of the Grand Canyon.
*Transportation is not included* Minimum age: 18

Course #4
Wilderness First Aid and CPR/ Wilderness Medical Associates

Very few first aid courses actually address the issues of prolonged emergency care in a rural, wilderness, or extended care setting. This 16-hour course will prepare you to deal with medical emergencies when help is miles away and dialing 911 is not an option. This course will prepare you for emergency situations that involve severe environments, and improvised equipment. This course is a great introduction to wilderness medicine.
Minimum age: 16

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