Giving Opportunities at the Regional YMCA of Western CT
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Giving Opportunities at the Regional YMCA of Western
Giving Opportunities at the Regional YMCA of Western
Please see our Brick Walkway and Capital Campaign for additional opportunities

The Heritage Club coat of arms is a symbol of faith in the Regional Y’s future. It stands for the enlightened concern of people who have felt and seen the impact of the Y on nearly 20,000 lives yearly. It is a reminder of the mission and purpose of the Y and the desire of Heritage Club members to see that the Regional Y continues to influence and serve.

You are invited to become a member.

Because of your interest and support of the Regional Y you are invited to join the Heritage Club. This special group of men and women believe in the mission and purpose of the Regional Y and want to ensure that this Heritage is continued for future generations.

The Regional Y Heritage Club is a program to build long range financial stability for the Y. This is not an appeal for funds now, but a request that you include the Regional Y in your long-range plans. By doing this now there will be a significant tax advantage when your estate is probated

Anyone who chooses may qualify for membership

In the Regional Y’s Heritage Club By;

  • Making or revising a will directing a percentage, a fixed amount, or through a contingency statement, an eventual gift to the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut.
  • Naming the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut a primary or secondary beneficiary of a new or existing insurance policy or a private annuity.

Explore charitable giving options

If you want to help shape the Regional Y’s future after your lifetime, there are several ways you can do this in your will. Here are some suggestions:

  • You can give us a sum of money. This kind of bequest is very popular because an unrestricted gift allows us to use the funds where they are most needed.
  • You can give us a share of what is left in your estate after other obligations are met.
  • You can make a contingent bequest. That is, you give part of your estate to some individual if that person survives you, but if not, then to the Regional Y.
  • You can create a trust to pay an income to your spouse or other relative for life, and designate the remaining principal for the Regional Y.
  • Often a charitable gift is given in memory of someone – either the donor or a person loved by the donor. We are pleased to honor such a request.

In all probability you now have a will. To include the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut, a Codicil can be added to an existing will, and is easily done.

Please contact the Regional YMCA Development Office or call (203) 740-3432 for further information.

The Regional YMCA is a community service organization dedicated to building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities through the development of spirit, mind and body. We strive to serve all, regardless of financial or physical need.

We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities.

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The Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut services 19 towns in 2 states.
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